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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for stopping by to review our frequently asked questions. The answers to most of your questions will probably be found here. If you don't see your question answered, please feel free to contact us for additional answers.

Where are you located?

Mansfield TX near the historic district. Hours are by appointment only. An address will be provided when appointment is made.

Are your items gluten-free?

Yes, all of our edible items are gluten-free.

Do you do vegan items

Yes. Unless a specific change has been requested, all items are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Larger and some special occasion items are able to be delivered for a fee.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. Cash preferred.

How much does a cake cost?

This is by far the most frequently asked question I ever receive, followed by why so much. Cake prices are not etched in stone. There is no magic number. However, in all honesty, cake is not cheap. Your cake will cost more than a grocery store cake. Your cake could also possibly cost more than a lower-end bakery cake as allergy free ingredients are more expensive. Each cake is different and cost to produce will vary with many factors. However, before you get concerned about the price keep in mind that our cakes are made from scrathch utilizing premium allergy free ingredients that cost quite a bit more than a boxed cake mix. Addiitonally, even a simple cake can take a couple of hours prep, bake, and decorate. How much is a few hours of your time worth? Our cake minium starts at $45 for a basic, small cake in buttercream. Please contact us for a complete estimate based on your needs.

What makes your products so special?

First, I spent years developing and perfecting my own recipes and blends. I have a way of doing things that makes allergy friendly food taste like "the real thng" with excellent texture and flavor that you don't even realize that you are eating allergy free, but feel great beacuse you know that it is. Therefore, both those with allergies and those without are satisfied with the same yummy goodness. Additionally, allergy free cooking is a passion for me, not just a way to make money and capitalize on the newfound food allergy awareness. My own children have multiple food allergies and were often left out. I feel that those with allergies are also entitled to tasty foods and be able to have a cute "bakery cake". An allergy free bakery was a service sorely missed in our area. I'm trying to fill that void. Last, since my kids have multiple food allergies too, my kitchen is a dedicated allergy free kitchen, so you know it's safer than most commercial retail bakeries. I also use all natural ingredients, mostly organic, with no artificial flavors or colors (unless requested), so everything tastes as a good as it looks.

What about chocolate? Isn't that an allergen?

Chocolate can be an allergen for some. However, most people that are allergic to chocolate are actually allergic to the milk or soy in it. I use either raw cocoa or chocolate that contains only cocoa bean, cane sugar and cocoa butter. If you truly are allergic to chocolate. Several of my items can made with carob which tastes almost exactly like chocolate... almost.

What about coconut? Isn't that a nut?

Contrary to popular belief, coconuts are not nuts at all, they are actually drupes, similar peaches and olives. Therefore, they are not considered tree nuts. Most people that are allergic to nuts can actually tolerate coconut. I use it sparingy in special recipes that require a cream base like ganache and caramel. If you are actually allergic to coconuts, please let me know so adequate steps can be taken.

What kind of frosting do you use?

Most of my cakes are decorated with an allergy friendly, dairy free buttercream that I developed over the years that uses organic and natural ingredients. It contains none of the top allergens.

Do you do fondant?

Yes, I will do fondant upon request. However, keep in mind that fondant uses corn ingredients. If you are not allergic to corn or have other serious allergies barring it, I can do it on special request. If you just like the smoothed glossed look of fondant, ask me about poured icing or rolled buttercream that looks quite a lot like fondant.

Do you do colored frosting?

This one is tricky. When cooking for allergy free, there is a limited number of colors that I can do based on the natural color of ingredients used. I can naturally do ivories, browns, tans, pinks, lavenders and pale yellows and greens based on the flavor of the cake and ingredients used. Most gel cake colors contain corn syrup, corn starch or other derivatives that I just do not use unless specifically asked to. I can do limited special request colors using food colorants derived from natural ingredients upon request. However, these colors are not as intense as the corn based gel ones and may change the flavor of the cake or frosting slightly since they are natural based. If you are not allergic to corn or adverse to the use of artificial dyes, I can do a wider variety of special request colors. Red velvet cake contains liquid red coloring.

Do you do icing flowers?

Yes. I can do an array of allergy friendly buttercream flowers, such as roses and drop flowers. I can also do royal icing, gumpaste and fondant flowers. These, however, are not allergy friendly as they utilize egg and corn ingredients and should be removed before consuming, but a great way to really dress up a cake.

Do character cakes?

No. I do not do licensed character cakes without permission from the copyright holder. Licensed characters are copyrighted and therefore against the law to use them without permission from the owner. I will however do generic cakes in similar colors and decorate with purchased figurines, toys or decorative packs.

What other allergies do you bake for?

My normal allergy friendly products are gluten, wheat, egg, dairy, soy, corn*, fish, shellfish, tree nut, peanut and gelatin free. I can also do limited sugar-free items. If you have other allergies, please feel free to contact me to see if I can alter a recipe to fit your needs. *My buttercream frostings (chocolate, vanilla and caramel) do use a dairy free butter substitute that has trace corn, but frostings can be made without this, please let me know if trace corn is a problem. Fondant also contains corn.

Do you bake any sugar free items?

Yes. Some items, such as muffins, are available sugar free.

Is this a home bakery?

Yes, I Can't Believe It's Allergy Free! is a cottage bakery run by a homeschooling mom of kids with allergies. However, it is in no way inferior to commercial bakeries. Thanks to the Texas Cottage Foods Law allowing me to do this from home, I am now able to provide a much needed service to my community with easy access while being able to stay home and take care of my kids as needed. Additionally, my kitchen is dedicated allergy free, which cannot be touted by most. I am alsoTexas Food Manager Certified and use the same safe food handling practices as big bakeries, so you know my food is safe. (I also have access to a commercial kitchen, as well, and hold a manufacturer's license for public events if needed.)

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